Gold guns are back!

And it’s pretty obvious it’s still quite easy to quickscope, play cod4 from now to Black Ops release and you will do fine.

More xbox related lol.

Everything about Black Ops


➣ No open beta, only an internal closed beta
➣ Only 50 player levels (rank)
➣ JD says “It takes about as long to get to 50 as it took to get to 65 in WaW”
➣ Confirmed prestige mode
➣ There are only 5 prestige levels
➣ Some snipers have selectable zoom
➣ Akimbo is back
➣ A few small semi automatics
➣ Scorpion is back
➣ M14 is back
➣ Famas is fully auto
➣ M16 is 3 round burst
➣ M16 is a starting weapon
➣ Infrared Scopes on assault rifles
➣ Shotguns have fair range
➣ Shotguns are now primaries
➣ Scoreboard shows k/d ratio
➣ Game winning kill now called Final Killcam
➣ Purple heart death icon returns from COD: WaW
➣ When you sprint to prone you do a dive move
➣ You can still dropshot
➣ Unranked servers allow full customization (PC)
➣ Ranked servers allow map customization (PC)
➣ Servers are from gameservers.com (PC)
➣ Will be DRM’d via Steam. Mainly done for VAC’s Anti Cheat
➣ Beta not confirmed nor denied. Not allowed to talk about a beta
➣ Launcher attachments to exists. Not on all weapons
➣ No red dot snipers
➣ Rank up and unlock weapons or purchase weapons early with CP
➣ Killcam is called Nemesis Killcam
➣ XP Bar is shown when you press Start
➣ Maps when using killstreaks and when pressing start are broken up into quadrants. ie. A1, A2. C3
➣ Accolades are replaced with Awards
➣ Shows your top weapon and how many kills you got with it
➣ Party Privacy / Search Preferences
➣ Press Y to view friends list
➣ Normal challenges still exist

➣ Map specific challenges. Such as finding a shortcut in a map
➣ Choice to vote for two maps or a random map
➣ Levels are snowy, urban, jungle
➣ Summit - A snowy mountain base
➣ Launch - The rocket map in the teaser trailer
➣ Radiation - An abandoned power station
➣ Cracked - A secluded town in shambles
➣ Slaughter House - Decimated urban area in Vietnam


➣ Deathstreaks are gone
➣ No commando, danger close, one many army, stopping power. or juggernaut
➣ Takes longer to kill (Was compared to that of Cod2)
➣ Pro Perks are back
➣ Bling returns as Warlord
➣ All players will be able to see your tier 1 perk

Tier 1 Perks:
➣ Lightweight - Move faster
➣ Scavenger - Resupply from dead bodies | Pro: Replenish lethal grenades
➣ Ghost - Undetectable by the Spy Plane and the Blackbird
➣ Flak Jacket - Extra explosive resistance
➣ Hardline - Killstreaks 1 kill early

Tier 2 Perks:
➣ Hardened - Extra bullet penetration
➣ Scout - Hold breath longer
➣ Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy
➣ Sleight of Hand - Faster Reload
➣ Warlord - Equip 2 attachments to your primary weapon

Tier 3 Perks:
➣ Marathon - Longer sprint
➣ Ninja - Silent Movement
➣ Second Chance - Pull out pistol before dying
➣ Hacker - Detect enemy equipment and explosives
➣ Tactical Mask - Reduces the effect of flash and concussion grenades


➣ Killstreaks only go to 11
➣ Gunship is highest killstreak
➣ Dogs are back
➣ Killstreaks don’t count towards other killstreaks
➣ Killstreaks seem more balanced
➣ RC car has no set time limit and is easy to control but leaves the player very vulnerable and can be destroyed easily
➣ SAM Turret can take out helicopters
➣ Carepackages drop special guns - Death Machine and Grim Reaper
➣ Death Machine is a minigun
➣ Grim Reaper is a guided rocket launcher
➣ 3 – Spy Plane - Shows enemies on minimap, can be shot down
➣ 3 – RC XD - Remote controlled car strapped with explosives
➣ 4 – Counter Spy Plane $1600 - Temporarily disables enemy mini-map
➣ 4 – Sam Turret $1600 - Airdrop a placeable SAM turret that destroys aircraft
➣ 5 – Care Package - Airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crate
➣ 5 – Napalm Strike - Airstrike that covers an area in napalm
➣ 6 – Sentry Gun $3200 - Airdrop a placeable sentry gun
➣ 6 – Mortar Team - Target three locations to bombard with Mortar Strikes
➣ 7 – Attack Helicopter - Call in a support helicopter
➣ 7 – Valkyrie Rockets $4000 - Launcher with remote controlled rockets
➣ 8 – BlackBird $4500 - Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini map. Can not be shot down.
➣ 8 – Rolling Thunder $4500 - Carpet bombing airstrike.
➣ 9 – Chopper Gunner $5000 - Be the gunner of an attack helicopter.
➣ 11 – Attack Dogs $6000 - Attack dogs that hunt the enemy down.
➣ 11 – Gunship $6000 - Pilot an Attack Helicopter.

Wages Game Modes

➣ Wage your COD Points
➣ Put your COD Points on the line and wager on matches
➣ Top 3 players earn COD Points, rest lose their COD Points
➣ One in the Chamber - Start with a pistol with only 1 bullet. Miss and have to rely on your knife. Kill to get another bullet. Only 3 lives.
➣ Gun Game - Same as the CS/Cod4/5/6 mod where you start with a knife and kill to be given a new weapon.
➣ Sharpshooter - All players start with a random weapon, after a certain amount of time everyone receives a new weapon
➣ Sticks & Stones - Crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and Tomahawk
➣ In some game modes the kill leader is shown as a glowing gold dot to other players
➣ Barebones is back
➣ Hardcore modes are back


➣ Contracts are time limited challenges
➣ There are 3 categories - Mercenaries, Operations, and Specialist
➣ Each is attached to certain play styles and in-game achievements

➣ SPAS Cruelty
➣ Twin Mags
➣ Lord of the SMG
➣ AK47u Ferocity
➣ AUG Ferocity
➣ Assault Rifle Prodigy
➣ Smells like…Victory
➣ Blackbird In Position
➣ Attack Dogs Unleashed
➣ MPL Brutality

➣ TDM Victor
➣ CTF Tornado
➣ Headquarters Tornado
➣ TDM Bloodbath
➣ Domination Blood Bath
➣ S&D Blood Bath
➣ Free-For-All Warrior
➣ Headquarters Barbarian
➣ CTF Titan
➣ Demolition Warlord

➣ Steel Meets Spine
➣ Scorched
➣ M72 LAW Killer
➣ Ballistic Knife Killer
➣ Tears Taste So Sweet
➣ WA2000 Expert
➣ A True Soldier
➣ Elite Precision

Combat Training

➣ Designed to introduce a new type of COD player who never takes the game online.
➣ Allows you to play against bots (AI)
➣ Rank progression separate from online multiplayer
➣ Play solo or with friends
➣ Great for map tactics, warmups, screwing around etc

Create a Class 2.0

➣ Start with 5 custom classes
➣ Gain an additional 5 from prestiges 1 - 5
➣ Can still rename custom classes
➣ You can see the look of your character
➣ Tier 1 perks change the appearance of your character model
➣ Tactical/Lethal grenades are thrown with RB
➣ Equipment is placed with LB
➣ A lot of painted (camos) weapons
➣ Flamethrowers, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, everything can be customized from things you earn and unlock
➣ Customize your weapon with your emblem, etched clan tag, reticule, reticule color, and more
➣ Change your Lens type
➣ Described as “Gun Porn”

Menu Layout:
➣ Primary - Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles
➣ Secondary - Pistols, Launchers, Specials
➣ Lethal
➣ Tactical
➣ Equipment
➣ Perk 1
➣ Perk 2
➣ Perk 3
➣ Face Paint

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles:
➣ M14
➣ Famas
➣ Enfield
➣ Falil
➣ Aug
➣ AK47
➣ FN Fal
➣ M16
➣ Commando
➣ Classified

Submachine Guns:
➣ Skorpion
➣ MAC11
➣ AK47u
➣ MP5K
➣ Uzi
➣ Spectre
➣ PM63
➣ Classified

➣ Skateout
➣ Olympia
➣ Classified

Light Machine Guns:
➣ M60
➣ HK21
➣ Classified

Sniper Rifles:
➣ WA2000
➣ L96A1
➣ Dragunov
➣ Classified

Secondary Weapons

➣ M1911
➣ Markarov
➣ Python
➣ Classified

➣ M72
➣ China Lake
➣ Strela

➣ Crossbow
➣ Ballistic Knife


Tactical Grenades:
➣ Nova Gas
➣ Flash Bang
➣ Concussion
➣ Decoy - A non-lethal grenade that creates false radar blips by shooting
➣ Willy Pete - Smoke

➣ Semtex
➣ Frag
➣ Tomahawk - Throwing axe

➣ C4
➣ Tactical Insertions
➣ Claymore
➣ Camera Spike
➣ Motion Sensor
➣ Jammer

Some Primary Attachments:
➣ Extended Mags
➣ Dual Mags - 500C
➣ ACOG Scope
➣ Red Dot Sight
➣ Reflex - 750C
➣ Masterkey (Undermounted shotgun) - 750C
➣ Flamethrower - 750C
➣ Infrared Scope - 1000C
➣ Grenade Launcher - 1000C

Some Secondary Attachments:
➣ ACOG Sight
➣ Snub Nose
➣ Speed Reloader
➣ Dual Wield

➣ None
➣ Dusty
➣ Ice
➣ Red
➣ Olive
➣ Nevada
➣ Sahara
➣ Tiger
➣ Berlin
➣ Warsaw
➣ Siberia
➣ Yukon
➣ Woodland
➣ Flora
➣ Classified

➣ Dot
➣ Semi-circle
➣ Line with dot
➣ Circle
➣ Smiley
➣ Arrows horizontal
➣ Arrows vertical
➣ Arrows with dot
➣ Boxes
➣ Burst
➣ Circle within a circle
➣ Circle with dot
➣ Circle with crosshairs
➣ Circle with inner line
➣ Circle with outer line
➣ Circle with arrows
➣ Circle with triangles
➣ Outer crosshairs
➣ Small crosshairs
➣ Large crosshairs
➣ Diamond
➣ Diamond outline
➣ Heart
➣ Radiation
➣ Skull
➣ Square
➣ Square outline
➣ Star
➣ 3 dots
➣ Treyarch
➣ Triangle
➣ Outer triangles
➣ x
➣ X with dot
➣ Ying yang

Reticule Colors:
➣ Red
➣ Green
➣ Blue
➣ Purple/Pink
➣ Teal
➣ Yellow
➣ Orange

COD Points

➣ Leveling up revolves around currency now
➣ Replaces level unlocks
➣ Buy weapons, attachments, perks, titles, and emblems with COD Points
➣ Flamethrower is an attachment for 750C
➣ ClanTags are purchased for 1000C
➣ CP is awarded every time you play
➣ Earn CP kills, wins, k/d ration, gambling, etc

Emblem Editor

➣ Ability to create your own emblems
➣ Emblems can be placed on your weapons
➣ 12 layers for emblems
➣ A lot of colors to chose from
➣ Purchase different emblem stocks with COD Points. Such as a skull, arrows, horse, bunny, and a ton more


➣ Theater is for all platforms
➣ Slow-mo and Speed up effects
➣ Free camera, third person, or first person views
➣ View any player’s perspective
➣ Treyarch out to top Bungie’s theater
➣ You can make highlight reels
➣ All LIVE games are playable
➣ Allows tagging and sharing

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Black ops info

■Compete, Customize and Create is the slogan they are going with for Black Ops multiplayer
■Spy Plane killstreak reward
■Combat training, multiplayer training map with AI. Different rank progression. Aimed at players who don’t go online
■Character model shows up in menus, so you can see customization effects.
■Ghost guys = stealthy, Flak guy = armored
■Basic appearance determined by teir 1
■All things that are Lethal are on right bumper, all Tactical items go left bumper, and there’s now an equipment category for deploy-ables.
■Motion Sensors (a personal UAV) and a signal Jammer.
■you need in game currency to buy “things”
■batch of special weapons that players will get in Care Packages — including the Death machine and Grim Reaper (mini-gun and grenade launcher)
■Napalm Strike, Gunship, Mortar Team, the Radio Controlled Car, SAM Turret (it takes down a chopper)
■Every time you play, you earn money (COD points)
■What you used to unlock by level is now for sale — if you can afford it, you can buy it
■Contracts: time limited challenges that you purchase with COD Points (CP). Categories = Mercenaries, Operations, Specialist. Each is attached to certain play styles and in-game achievements.
■Gambling: Wager Match – you ante up and put your COD Points on the line and wager on matches. The top three players split the pot.

■Four new game modes, separate from your standard rank progression in multiplayer competitive modes.
■Take CP, wager them, and bet whether you are in the top three in the scoreboard for the specific match…
■First mode: one in the chamber, and everyone just has a pistol with one bullet and three lives.
■Second mode: sticks and stones where yo have crossbows and ballistic knives plus a tomahawk.
■Third mode: Gun Game – A series of progressive weapons, from pistol to shotgun to sniper rifle, granted to the player after kills.
■Fourth: Sharpshooter is where everyone uses the same weapon and unlocks perks per kill. Unlock a better gun with each kill…and lose a “level” with death instead of starting from the beginning

■Players have a special attachment to their weapons — so they can place clan tags, decals and smiley red dots on their weapons.
■Flamethrowers, sniper rifles, shotguns… everything can be customized
■Emblem editor

■Trailer coming in a few days
■All recent games played on live can be tagged, edited, and searched with Theater


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